Collection: Andrew Milne

Andrew Milne is a graduate of Sheridan College, with a focus on illustration, advertising and marketing. He has a passion for camping, hiking and adventure travel around the world, but always finds his way back to the spectacular landscapes of Canada – whether to return to his roots along the waterways of the World Heritage Site Rideau Canal, or to explore our country from coast to coast to coast, and discover what lies between.

I was born and raised in Kanata, Ontario – a neighbourhood celebrated around the world for its architectural balance with nature. From these beginnings, my art has focused on our interactions with the environment that surrounds and sustains us, using visual media as a means of weaving together the chapters of our life story. Of late, my attention has been drawn to depicting the iconic scenes near my family cottage in Eastern Ontario that are central to my past, present and future.

He is proud to call the Glebe home, with his wonderful wife Dominique, sons Logan and Lex, and faithful canine companion Skye. 

 “Every summer and most weekends for as long as I can remember, I have immersed myself in nature – literally planting myself in a scene and waiting for the perfect moment to capture on canvas. This has impacted my life in immeasurable ways, and it will always be central to my artistic expression.” ~Andrew

A curated selection of Andrew's artwork is available for in-person viewing at  SOCIAL SPACE  Ottawa, 181 Glebe Avenue event on June 7 (opening evening), June 8-9 (10 am to 4pm each day or by appointment) and available for advance online viewing and purchase on April 25, 2024.