Collection: Laurie Skantzos

Laurie Skantzos is a Guelph-based artist who studied fine art at the University of Waterloo. Her minimalist wall sculptures, which she calls Portals, are made using oil, cold wax, and acrylic on shaped plywood, with beveled edges painted in neon colors that reflect off the wall and change with the light. Some of her Portals are playful and bright, while others are more subdued and monochromatic. Laurie loves exploring the color relationships between the shapes she creates.

Laurie's  work has been exhibited internationally in art fairs in London, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Korea, and New York and Miami, as well as in Charline Kervyn Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium, and The Drey Berlin. She has received recognition and awards for her work, including being featured in several publications and exhibitions.

A curated selection of Laurie's artwork is available for in-person viewing at SOCIAL SPACE - Toronto80 Bloor Street, West, Suite 408, Toronto event on May 1st and available for advance online viewing and purchase on April 25, 2024.