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Andrew Milne



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Artist: Andrew Milne
Title: Shortcut to Hartlake
Size: 30Hx30Wx1.5D inches (each piece is unframed at 15x30 and sold as a pair)
Medium: Oil on Canva
Description: In this diptych, Milne aims to encapsulate the tranquil essence of a woodland at dusk. The palette is  bold and nuanced, using warm browns and deep crimsons to define the sturdy trunks of the trees, which boldly cut through the cooler tones of the underbrush and the distant landscape.
A winding path, bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun, invites the viewer into the scene, offering a journey through the vibrancy of the greenery. The sky above transitions from a luminous yellow to a rich violet, marking the passage from day to night. The brushstrokes are deliberate and lively, bringing a dynamic texture to the foliage and bark. This piece is Andrew`s celebration of the forest’s quiet splendor as daylight fades, an intimate moment  sought to capture with colour and contrast.

Featured at:  SOCIAL SPACE I Ottawa 

Portion of sales donated to: The Ottawa Food Bank 


Each artwork is original, signed/dated, sealed with an archival varnish for long-term protection and ready to hang. 


Complimentary delivery in GTHA (including Niagara region) and Ottawa/Perth Region- Use code FREEDELIVERY

Shipping in other parts of Canada, USA or International  - Shipping fees calculated at checkout. Please contact SOCIAL SPACE at for any specific questions.

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