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Andrew Milne



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Artist: Andrew Milne
Title: Freed Island Cabin
Size: 12Hx12Wx1.5D inches
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Description: This piece from my Small Cabin Series showcases a charming cabin on Freed Island, set against a dramatic sunset. The sky is ablaze with oranges and reds, giving a warm, glowing backdrop to the end of the day. The cabin itself basks in the sunset's glow, with lights that suggest a cozy interior just waiting to welcome someone home. Around it, the trees are almost swaying in the breeze, silhouetted against the fiery sky. Down below, the water takes on the cooling hues of twilight, with strokes of blue and purple gently lapping at the island's edge. It's a scene that wraps up the day with a promise of rest and the quiet joy of a night spent by the lake. - SKU 419

Featured at:  SOCIAL SPACE I Ottawa

Portion of sales donated to: The Ottawa Food Bank


Each artwork is original, signed/dated, sealed with an archival varnish for long-term protection and ready to hang. 


Complimentary delivery in GTHA (including Niagara region) and Ottawa/Perth Region- Use code FREEDELIVERY

Shipping in other parts of Canada, USA or International  - Shipping fees calculated at checkout.  Please contact SOCIAL SPACE at for any specific questions.

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