Collection: Gordon Leverton

Gordon Leverton, a self-taught artist since 2006, has a rich background in the Canadian music industry, including owning record stores in South Western Ontario. After becoming a stay-at-home father, he developed a fascination with the urban landscapes of Hamilton, Ontario. Leverton's art, inspired by the city's intricate networks, breaks down urban elements into component parts, exploring themes of community and connection in a graphic style, often from a bird’s eye view.

He was honored with the 2023 Art of Heritage Award from the City of Hamilton & The Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee for his significant role in educating people on Hamilton’s heritage and was recently elected into the Ontario Society of Artists in December 2023. Leverton is releasing a new series of artwork inspired from his travels to CDMX.

A curated selection of Gordon's artwork is available for in-person viewing at  SOCIAL SPACE  Toronto (May 1)Hamilton (May 3-5), Ottawa (June 7-9) events  and available for advance online viewing and purchase on April 25, 2024.

Photo credits | George Q.