Collection: Lisa D. Hickey

Lisa D. Hickey is known for her luminous explorations of light, texture and movement in nature. Lisa works in oil to translate the sensory-rich experience of wandering through the woods, looking up through the leaves. A kaleidoscope view that treads a wobbly line between abstraction and reality, Lisa’s paintings are windows into a way of seeing with wonder.

Lisa been chasing this dream her whole life, and working as a full-time artist for over a decade. She is an enthusiastic and nature-loving artist whose paintings hang in private and corporate collections across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. When she is not in the woods, she regularly shows in galleries, art fairs and other community spaces. Lisa also frequently exhibits with SolidColour Collective, and ArtAlchemy East, both Toronto-based groups of painters. Lisa is represented by Blue Crow Gallery and PI Fine Art (Toronto), Paula White Diamond Gallery (Waterloo), Cloud Gallery (Orillia) and Blu Dog Gallery (Oakville). Lisa shows at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair(’21), The One of a Kind Show(’22), The Riverdale ArtWalk (’23), and many other iconic art fairs.

She has a B.A. in Fine Art from McMaster University in Hamilton, and an M.A. from the University of British Columbia. She has received numerous awards and honours for her artwork. Active in her community, Lisa created art with folks living with dementia and Alzheimer’s at University Health Network’s Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy. She also works as an art educator and has led several schools-based artists residencies and facilitated numerous workshops at the elementary, high school, and corporate level.

 A curated selection of Lisa's artwork is available for in-person viewing at SOCIAL SPACE Hamilton, 8 Cottage Avenue, Hamilton event on May 3 (opening evening), May 4-5 (10 am to 4pm each day or by appointment) and available for advance online viewing and purchase on April 25, 2024.